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Dermatologist, specialized in Psoriasis

In person and telemedicine consultations

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Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero

International Psoriasis Expert

Latest research and most advanced treatments for patients around the world

Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero practice is built around the primary goal of providing the highest level of care possible for individuals with Psoriasis.

Dr. Alvaro González-Cantero MD, PhD, is a Dermatologist specialized in Psoriasis, Director of the Psoriasis Research Program of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital and the Psoriasis Unit at the prestigious Pedro Jaén Group Clinic, in Madrid (Spain, Europe). He holds a PhD and is Professor of Dermatology at the UFV University.

He leads an active research group in the study of Psoriasis. His research has been highly influential an internationally recognized. He is active international lecturer and member of international psoriasis organizations such as the National Psoriasis Foundation and the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology among others.

He complemented his training in Psoriasis in the United States of America working with the top world leaders in the field (Baylor University and University of Pennsylvania).

In his daily practice Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero usually sees mild and severe cases of psoriasis of patients from all over the world, who are not responding appropriately to conventional treatments. Thanks to the face-to-face consultation and teleconsultation, he can offer personalized assistance adapted to the context of each patient.

Pedro Jaén Group - Team

Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero practice is focused exclusively on the evaluation and treatment of patients with Psoriasis. He sees some of the most challenging cases in Europe.

360º approach

Psoriasis: more than a skin disease

During the last years Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero has developed a method to evaluate and treat psoriasis patients based on his research studies showing that psoriasis patients may develop other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, psoriatic arthritis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease among others.

Being aware that psoriasis can lead to other associated pathologies, Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero has developed a comprehensive approach with the aim of preventing, diagnosing and / or treating them as early as possible to limit or avoid their negative effects.

Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero is committed to a comprehensive psoriasis treatment model with the aim of effectively addressing both mild and moderate cases that can be difficult to handle on a day-to-day basis, as well as the more severe and complex cases that require the most advanced treatments to achieve good results.

Thanks to his 4-step method, Dr. González-Cantero can treat patients from all over the world: London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Zurich, Dubai, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, etc.

The 4 steps method

International Telemedicine Consultation

Due to the high demand for consultations received by Dr. González-Cantero from other countries, we have created a method of care through telemedicine which allows us to attend the patient with Psoriasis in the most similar way to how we do it in our clinic.

Telemedicine consultations have both benefit as well as potential risk. We found it particularly useful for second opinion consultations but have also proven to be a good tool for new prospective patients and their follow-up. Some patients from outside Spain, have a first telemedicine consultation before they decide to travel to Madrid to have an in person consultation.

How to become an international telemedicine patient of Dr. González-Cantero?

Steps for a telemedicine consultation with Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero (please, click on dropdowns):

1. Request information and complete our “Consultation request form”

Send an email to info@drgonzalezcantero.com, if needed you can also call to Pedro Jaen Group Clinic (+34 914317861).

Our office will send information on:

a. Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero consultation fees.

b. Consultation request form.

Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero will review all the information provided and will let our office and you know if you are a good candidate for a telemedicine consultation. Please note that a telemedicine consultation is not appropriate for everyone and some patients do need to be seen in person.

2. Appointment scheduling and documents submission

Now we are able to offer you an appointment.

Once an appointment is scheduled, our office members will invite the prospective patient to submit the following documents:

a. The Psoriasis Patient Questionnaire. The “Psoriasis Patient Questionnaire” is a detailed questionnaire that greatly helps Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero in evaluating your psoriasis. We require all patients to complete our psoriasis patient questionnaire in order to stablish the most accurate treatment plan.

b. Detailed pictures of their psoriasis. Information on how to submit your pictures will be provided).

c. Recent blood tests. From the past 12-18 months.

With this information Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero will study your case in advance to the appointment.

3. Telemedicine appointment with Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero

What can you expect from your appointment? By the end of the first appointment (typically 35-45 minutes in duration), the patient will have an understanding of the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan for their psoriasis.

a. Information about the disease and its implications beyond the skin.

b. Prognosis: the consultation allow a patient to gain an understanding the prognosis of his or her psoriasis.

c. Evaluation of comorbidities.

d. Treatment plan.

Fortunately for patients, a wide variety of treatments are available for individuals with psoriasis, but the correct and appropriate treatment depends on the individual patient. The evaluation of the patient in the consultation provides Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero with the precise knowledge to stablish the most appropriate treatment plan for an specific patient.

During the consultation patients receive information providing them with an understanding of all the treatments that are available, their side effects and what is the best next step for him or her.

4. After the first appointment

Most patients return for a second consultation at some time interval after their first appointment. The interval frequency of follow up appointments depends on many factors.

Types of follow-up:

a. Follow-up by Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero via telemedicine.

b. Have a in person face to face appointment with Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero in Madrid at Pedro Jaen Group Clinic.

c. Follow-up by another physician and Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero serve as “Second-opinion” doctor.

Information on how to prepare your travel to Madrid will be provided from our office if necessary.

Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero

Dr. Alvaro Gonzalez-Cantero

Collegiate number: 454505859

Dr. Alvaro Gonzalez-Cantero

Consultation in the Pedro Jaen Group

Prestigious dermatological clinic in Europe

The Pedro Jaén Group Clinic was founded thirty years ago by Dr. Pedro Jaen and is a national and international reference in clinical dermatology, psoriasis, trichology and aesthetics, which brings together the greatest experts in different areas of dermatology.

The Psoriasis Unit, led by Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero evaluates and treats some of the most challenging cases of psoriasis from around Europe, offering the best medical solutions for every patient with psoriasis. Our core values are excellence and scientific rigor couple with the ability to better understand the emotions that our patients experience.

Severe and moderate cases

Psoriasis treatments

Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero unit offers many different options for the treatment of psoriasis, ranging from topical treatments, local injections and laser to biologics and phototherapy. This wide variety makes it necessary to carry out a global assessment of the patient in order to establish an individualized treatment plan.

In our unit we treat all types of psoriasis, including nail psoriasis, scalp psoriasis, palmoplantar psoriasis…

One of the most effective treatments are biological therapy. Biologics are drugs that target specific parts of the immune system. The biologics used to treat psoriasis block the action of the specific immune cells related to psoriasis. There are different types of biologics for psoriasis with different mechanism of action. Dr. Gonzalez-Cantero will explain the short- and long-term side effects and risks to anyone considering taking a biologic before prescribing it. In this sense, our practice is built on a shared decision making process.

In our Unit we have:

Pharmacological therapy: we have all kinds of drugs for psoriasis, even the newest biological drugs.

Phototherapy: both in the cabin and at home. Yes, we have lamps for you to apply the treatment at home.

Infiltrations and laser therapy for nail psoriasis.

Management of comorbidities.

Nutritional assessment and advice.

Lifestyle approach.

Case: before - after
Case: before - after
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